The exploringU Centre for Well-Being is a holistic haven for those seeking counselling/ psychotherapy, yoga, clinical psychology, hypnotherapy, life coaching and related therapies within the heart of Sudbury in Suffolk.

The exploringU Centre for Well-Being in Sudbury, Suffolk, has grown significantly since first opening its doors in 2008. Our founders originally operated a counselling service from the Centre's premises and recognised an opportunity to develop something truly special for the local community.

They were frequently asked if they could recommend a yoga, reiki or reflexology practitioner as a complementary treatment, and knew that the exploringU Centre for Well-Being was undoubtedly the best place to offer a spectrum of holistic services that would do people good.

By launching the exploringU Centre in this way, our founders were able to ensure that we were always able to recommend and deliver the best quality across all of our services.

We have also worked hard to develop the skills of our own people and now have a team of ABI (Acquired Brain Injury ) Rehabilitation Co-ordinators who diligently work with vulnerable people in their own homes, We even provide a bespoke respite travel service that enables clients with an ABI, Spinal Injury, Cerebral Palsy to travel to countries beyond their imagination. Please contact Glenda Roberts(MBACP)(Accred)(Aip) for more information.

Our training provision has grown significantly in recent months as we now deliver Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) training to care agencies and other organisations across the region.

We are proud of our Centre as it has been lovingly nurtured and developed to ensure it's able to deliver the best possible collection of treatments and services to benefit the people of Sudbury, and beyond. Our tastefully decorated Centre has a number of treatment and class spaces, each designed to ensure ours is a space that exudes positive, healing energy.

Comfortable recliners, soothing colour schemes and an open fire create a welcoming atmosphere that will immediately put you at ease and facilitate a tailored journey of healing and self-discovery.

Just click on the boxes below to find out more  information about the therapies on offer at the exploringU Centre for Well-Being.

To learn more about the range of services offered through the exploringU Centre for Well-Being, please get in touch by calling 01787 829141 or email

Services at the exploringU Centre for Well-Being

Counselling and Pyschotherapy

We offer Counselling and Pyschotherapy sessions at the Centre.

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Room and Venue Hire

The Center and it's rooms are avaliable for hire.

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We offer Training to clients.

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ABI Travel

ABI Travel Services.

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We offer Reiki, Hypnotherapy and other Relaxation Services at the Center.

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Just Talk Campaign

Free Drop in Sessions for anyone who needs support.

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ExploringU Counselling

ExploringU counselling  was established in 2008 and since launching ExploringU counselling, Glenda and her expert team of specialist counsellors, psychotherapists and rehabilitation co-ordinators have  positively helped to changed the lives of many people and are dedicated to doing the same in future. By focusing on providing clients with a personal, confidential service.

Just Talk Campaign

Just Talk is a non profitable campaign that is soon to become a registered charity. It offers free drop in sessions where you can come and talk about anything that is concerning you in a safe and confidential environment. Just Talk open to all age groups and is free of charge.